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Barrington Hall in Roswell Family Session

Barringon Hall in Roswell Family Session

I’ve been so lucky this year to capture some of the sweetest family portraits for families with the cutest and most well behaved kids!  This sweet family was no exception!  When mom reached out to me searching for a new photographer with a fun and fresh look, I was so excited to talk with her about how I try and make my family photo sessions not only fun for everyone, but I also strive to capture much more than a pretty portrait of your family or children.  As all parents know (especially those of us with multiple children), all kids are so so different and have their own unique, amazing personalities!  I feel like it is so important to be able to look back at photos years down the road, hopefully displayed beautifully on your walls or in an heirloom album and be able to instantly feel the personality of each child, of the relationships between them, and with their family.  These are the feelings and moments that I strive to capture each and every time.

I spend a great deal of time planning out my Roswell family sessions.  I hand select each location, making sure that the setting is picture perfect and a reflection of your personal style and personalities.  I also help coordinate outfits, hair and makeup, if requested, and get to know a bit about your family dynamic and children’s names and personalities!  Sometimes sessions may take 30 minutes, sometimes an hour or more.  My goal is to have everyone feel comfortable and relaxed and sometimes children may act shy or reserved for the first part of a session and then warm up to me at the end!

This Roswell family session was right before we had our burst of fall color here in Roswell, and we selected the picturesque and historic Barrington Hall as the perfect spot.  This family portrait location in Roswell is very easy to get to and park, has plenty of room for active children to safely run and play and it generally is not crowded.  It features a beautiful white plantation home with white columns, a topiary and rose garden and long, winding stone pathways underneath historic Georgia birch and oak trees.  I love it!

I’d love to design a custom session for your family!

family holding hands walking away from camera

black and white family sitting on steps

three children walking away from camera, two sisters one brother

family of five smiling at each other on outside steps

family of five walking toward camera

black and white close portrait of boy smiling

black and white close portrait girl smiling

black and white close portrait young girl smiling

family sitting on outside steps smiling at camera

two sisters one brother holding hands walking away

individual color portraits of three siblings

black and white image of young girl inspecting flower

two sisters one brother embracing and smiling

family of five playing together outside

three siblings holding hands and smiling at camera

family of five sitting on bench outside and talking

mom embracing youngest daughter

family sitting on bench outside and smiling at camera

youngest daughter making silly faces

three kids holding hands and jumping

individual sibling portraits from family session

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