The Experience



A day with me..

Walking down the aisle on your Dad's arm, your heart races as you step toward your future husband. Your best friend. The man you waited your whole life to find. You catch your mom's eye as she's reaching for a tissue and she mouths "I love you". At this moment you realize, you're not walking down the aisle, you're floating.

Later at the reception, when I look around, I can see why you're so elated. Laughter, large smiles, and hugs welcoming hugs surround you. Family is everywhere.

When you step onto the dance floor with your father, I'm watching. Closely. Your dad laughs and glides you around the room like he used to do when you were little…only now you're not standing on his shoes. As though he realizes this, the laughter slows, his eyes fill with loving tears and his softly kisses your forehead.

Scanning the room again, I see your groom looking on with adoration as he realizes just how big the shoes are that he has to fill. A gentle smile appears on his face as if to say he's up to the challenge. And he is. He's honored.

Thunder fills the air and for just a brief moment you fear an afternoon shower will be the uninvited guest to your outdoor wedding, but you stop yourself from worrying because as you look around, you realize rain doesn't matter.

You, your groom, and your family. It's all you need.